Mk7 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen Alltrack Headlight Leveling Retrofit


Mk7 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen Alltrack Headlight Leveling Retrofit


For many Mk7 Golf (and variants) owners, getting a car with factory installed HID headlights was not an option. Thankfully, aftermarket manufacturers have produced replica headlamps fora fraction of the cost and help us with better lighting. One of the features that comes with a vehicle with factory HIDs is called AFS, or Adaptive Front Lighting System.

There are two kinds of AFS and both raise and lower the angle of the low/high beam when the rear suspension geometry changes. One example is when you load up your trunk/hatch with all the family gear and the dog to go for a trip. This makes the back of your vehicle go down and this makes your headlight beam go up, which can cause glare to oncoming vehicles. The AFS corrects for this change and makes the motors in the headlamps go down.

This kit is for those with aftermarket headlamps (BEC Autoparts and Helix) that have the motors installed and wired. It replaces the factory install instrument dimmer switch with an OEM European dimmer switch that has a rheostat for the headlamp motors. It also includes the wiring that will need to be run through the firewall gasket to each headlamp.

No coding is required for this kit to work and all kits are made to order.

Note: installation instructions will be emailed to you with the completion of the order.

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Fits 2015+ Golf, GTI, Sportwagen, and Alltrack models with factory installed halogen headlamps. Will work with aftermarket headlamps that have leveling motors installed and wired.

This item is made to order and will require a 3-5 business weeks in order to fulfill.