Mk7 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen Alltrack Trailer Wiring Kit


Mk7 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen Alltrack Trailer Wiring Kit


For many Mk7 Golf Sportwagen and Alltrack owners, towing a small trailer is pretty much a necessity. I myself tow a boat and utility trailer on a pretty regular basis. While there are kits out there that provide a harness that allows your trailer to have lights, none properly offer the true safety needed for towing. Volkswagen offers these features in Europe because a lot of people tow in Europe regularly but this option hasn’t been offered to us across the pond.

This kit includes an OEM trailer recognition module (J345), four pin trailer wiring, and two wire looms that provide power and communication to the module. What does this module do? Once a trailer is plugged into the car’s trailer harness:

  • the engine (and transmission if applicable) allows for extended/added cooling

  • the ABS allows for proper correction during emergency maneuvers

  • lighting commands are sent directly from the vehicles BCM (body control module), needing no piggy back harnesses for the tail lamps

  • if a light on the trailer stops working, a bulb out warning on your dash and infotainment will let you know

  • if you have any vehicle assistance packages, they will be disabled or adapted to work properly with a trailer connected (example, park distance warnings are disabled when reversing)

  • for those with an advance alarm, the vehicle alarm will sound if the trailer is disconnected (important in the case of trailer theft)

While it does cost more than a piggy back harness kit, it is a more safe (and OEM) way to tow a trailer. I recently finished this kit for my own car and am still putting together the instructions but I wanted to get the ball rolling with offering this for sale. I will have to order several parts from Europe and I prefer to order in bulk to save in shipping costs so know that there is a wait period once the order is received.

NOTE: While instructions will be emailed to you once your kit has shipped, you should be aware that two wire looms will have to be run from the rear bumper of the car, through the inside wiring channel, and to the BCM (located by the hood release). The addition of two wires to the fuse panel is done as well as removing and replacing three wires within two plugs of the BCM are required in order for this to work. Also, module coding is needed and instructions will be given using VCDS but other devices should also work.

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Fits 2017+ Golf Sportwagen and Alltrack models

This item is made to order and will require a 3-5 business weeks in order to fulfill.