Volkswagen GLI

Dan has been a good friend of mine for many years and when I was a Volkswagen salesman, I sold him this GLI (2014). The time came for him to want a refresh and on the outside, it was desperately needed. Dan had won a free Wash & Wax from me and paid to upgrade it to a Full Detail. Optimum Car Wax will keep it protected from UV rays for about five months. Thanks Dan!

Also, if you are interested in the iK Foam Pump Sprayer that I used on Dan's car (filled with Optimum Power Clean 3:1 with water), you can buy it here:

Volkswagen Alltrack - Coating

The time finally came for me to coat my own Alltrack with Opti-Coat Pro+! I waited way too long to do this but thankfully, due to proper maintenance and using Optimum No Rinse and Opti-Coat Hyper Seal, there were not many defects to correct at all! Optimum Primer Polish made quick work and before I knew it, the car looked the best that it has ever looked in the seven months I have had it! This is the newest formula of Pro+ and it is still a lifetime coating with a seven year warranty, backed by Optimum Polymer Technologies.

Ford Edge

This Ford Edge has spent a lot of time near the beach and it's oxidation definitely shows. This detail was a surprise birthday present and the results really speak for themselves. No, it won't be winning any car show trophies, but knowing that it will be easier to clean, both inside and out, is a win for everyone. Optimum Hyper Polish and Optimum Car Wax really make my life very easy when it comes to work like this!