Welcome to the home of The Bearded Detailer, Center Valley's authorized Opti-Coat and Lamin-x installer! I am proud to offer automotive detailing services that will help clean and protect one of your most valuable investments: your vehicle.

Have a look around the site; the Bearded Blog will have vehicles that have been detailed and the Services and Packages sections will let you know exactly what I can do for you and your vehicle. If you have any questions about services, pricing and availability, fill out the form on the Contact page and we will chat about what I can provide for you and your vehicle. Social media links can be found at the bottom of this page to help you stay up to date with any new information.

Thanks for visiting and remember, your dirt is my business!

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Have you ever wanted to listen to something but just can't get into music at that moment? Sure you have...we all have. Podcasts are the perfect solution to this problem and I am very fortunate to not only sponsor, but create and produce podcast content! Whether you are looking for true stories of military history, gear head talk, or relationship and health conversations, I have you covered! Click the images below to see more information on three awesome podcasts that will help fill some time in your days and hey, maybe you'll learn something while you're at it!


I am so happy to be teamed up with some of the best businesses in their fields! If you are looking for more information or products that I do not have listed here on my site, go ahead and click the images below. I do not simply start selling a product because it will earn me money; I test and approve of a product so that I can stand behind it with confidence in saying that it is the best!