OEM Volkswagen/Audi DSG Transmission Service Tool - RENTAL


OEM Volkswagen/Audi DSG Transmission Service Tool - RENTAL

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Are you tired of paying your local dealership to change the fluid and filter in your VW/Audi 6 speed DSG transmission? Of course you are…we all are. There are plenty of DIYs online today showing how to perform this 40,000 mile service but the tool needed for this isn’t the cheapest or easiest to come by…UNTIL NOW!

This is a tool rental of the OEM tool needed to perform the fluid service of your DSG transmission.

What else is needed?

  • OEM DSG Fluid: G-052-182-1L-DSP, x6 - OR - LiquiMoly Dual Clutch Oil (8100), x6

  • OEM DSG Filter: 02E-305-051-C, x1

  • OEM Filter O-ring: N-910-845-01, x1

  • OEM Crush Washer: N-043-809-2, x2

How will this work?

It is really simple. Select how long you want to rent the tool (1-3 weeks) and check out. The price includes a $155 deposit, which is 100% refundable upon the return of the tool. The shipping price also includes a return shipping label so that all you have to do is tape up the box and hand it to your mail carrier.

By ordering this rental tool, you agree to the terms and conditions of this rental (below). If this tool is out of stock, this means it is currently being rented so be sure to check back soon!

Time Needed:
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Terms and Conditions of Rental

The length of rental time is measured in calendar days, not business days. The first full day starts the day after the tool is received, which is confirmed via the tracking information. It must be picked up by the mail carrier on the 7th/14th/21st calendar day (the only exception to this is a Sunday). If for some reason, you know you may be a day or two late, please contact me and we will work it out. If not, there will be a $10 charge per day, which is taken out of the $155 deposit. If it is not returned within 15 days, congratulations! You just bought yourself an OEM tool, you do not get a refund, and you suck at following directions.