Tesla Model 3

Mark originally came to me for a consultation of his Model 3 so that I could see the condition of the paint and discuss his options. We determined that a Basic Detail with no interior cleaning would be the best route to take care of his paint. He had some hard water spotting on all the glass that also needed to be removed. Tesla black paint is very soft and similar to Porsche black so it can be very time consuming to finish.

Mark ultimately decided to not coat the entire car but did decide to have the glass coated with Opti-Glass Pro, which will help keep minerals and other contaminants from bonding to the glass for around 2 years. If you don’t know, Teslas have a glass roof so there is a lot of glass real estate to cover.

The entire car was finished with Optimum Car Wax for a nice glossy and hydrophobic finish that will last around five months. The results are stunning and I am thankful to Mark for allowing me to do the job!