Porsche 911

Dave is a good friend and I always enjoy seeing him and his 1986 911, which you may remember from about two years ago when I first detailed it. Earlier this year, the car was hit by a deer and the repair work was less than expected by Dave and without going into a lot of detail, it was my job to make it presentable again. There are still a few areas that are beyond my job description but I did the best I could to make it shine like a diamond.

Dave also asked me to remove the original Carrera badge from the deck lid and correct behind it and install a new one. Anyone that has cleaned a Porsche with his badge on it knows that it is a terrible space to clean and Porsche black is the worst to work with.

The pictures do a lot of the speaking for me: I did a three step polish and then finished the paint with Optimum Car Wax. Dave also asked to have the wheels coated to help with the maintenance of the polished lips. Bare metal will tarnish in the elements because there is no protective finish to protect from the elements. Solution? Polish it, prep it, and coat with Opti-Metal Coat for a lifetime coating! Now the wheels can just be washed without polishing. Easy!

Thanks again Dave. The car will look great in Winter hibernation!

Porsche 911

Mike brought me his 911 to be cleaned up and to address a scratch on his door. The car was coated with Opti-Coat Pro+ about a year ago and it is still holding up and looking fantastic. Maintenance is very easy and I use Optimum Power Clean (3:1) in a foam cannon and Optimum FerreX sprayed on the wheels (and right behind the wheels from possible tar that might fling up). Then Optimum No Rinse is used to wash and Opti-Coat Hyper Seal to dry and seal up the car.

The scratch was removed and the area was recoated. This car continues to look amazing and I loving seeing it out in the wild on the streets. Thanks again Mike!