BMW 335i

Time for a coating! Marco contacted me about having his BMW corrected and coated with Optimum Gloss Coat. Even though his car was very clean, it can never be clean enough and he was looking for protection of his paint. He also wanted the engine bay detailed and the windows coated with Opti-Glass Pro.

The engine bay got cleaned with Optimum Power Clean, Optimum No Rinse, and steam and then dressed with Opti-Seal. The bay had lots of little corners with road grime built up so it was important to get all of that out of there.

The interior of this car has beautiful red leather seats and they didn't look filthy but there was still some pants transfer that needed to be removed. Once the seats, door cards, and dash were clean, they were dressed with Opti-Seal.

The exterior of this car was full of swirls and scratches. Remember, just because a car is being cleaned, doesn't mean you aren't doing damage to the clear coat. Using the Optimum Hyper twins (compound and polish) I managed to bring the paint back to life! White is very hard to photograph results but man once in the sunlight, all you could see was depth.

Optimum Gloss Coat was applied to the outside for a guaranteed two years and will protect against harmful UV rays, organic matter, and marring. Opti-Glass Pro was also applied to all of the windows for two years of protection against harmful UV rays, minor scratching and marring.

And that's it! The car looks fantastic! Thank you very much Marco and I am excited for when your R32T is ready for coating.