Volkswagen Golf R

Alex's Golf R is back once again for an Optimum No Rinse bath and Opti-Seal sealant. While his car was in, I gave his Rotiform wheels a good cleaning and waxing to help keep the brake dust off the wheels since they are super hard to clean. His aspherical mirrors that were on the car when I coated the car were aftermarket and were starting to pit, as the aftermarket ones do. He recently replaced them with OEM so I coated them while the car was in with Opti-Glass Pro to match the rest of the glass on the car. Protection to the max!

Jeep Grand Cherokee - Coating

I will always say that the best way to preserve the glory of your vehicle is to have it protected from day one. That's what happened with this new Jeep Grand Cherokee and even though there was a scratch on the rear hatch, the entire car was pretty clean. A quick polish was all it needed before wrapping the front with a Lamin-x clear bra on the hood, bumper, mirror caps, and fender tips. All the lighting was also protected with Lamin-x film. To finish it all off, Opti-Coat Pro+ was applied to the entire vehicle for seven years of chemical and UV resistance! The Jeep definitely looked even better than new and I am looking forward to seeing it in the future.

Audi S6 - Coating

Michael had brought me his E46 M3 for a full detail a few months ago and he recently picked up a new Audi S6 and boy is it gorgeous: Daytona Grey Pearl with red leather interior. He wanted to give his car the best protection since he plans on keeping it for years to come. So Opti-Coat Pro+ was the obvious way to go with 7 years of protection. We will be doing the wheels and brake calipers at a later date as well to keep the brake dust from the massive pads from bonding as easily. Thank you again Michael!