Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Some people want a watch for their birthday and others just want a nice meal. Some people, like Kate, know that some people want their chariot cleaned! Her boyfriend's truck came over for a Wash and Wax and Lamin-x door cup film to help protect from fingernail scratches. This was a really simple yet effective job that made the Silverado pop and look great with 5 months of UV protection and water resistance. Way to go Kate and I hope Andrew had a great birthday!

Volkswagen Alltrack

Well, the time as come for a new vehicle for myself and the family. The A4 was a fantastic vehicle and it will be missed but we wanted to lower monthly expenses and gain some extra room inside for the family and the pup. The 2017 Alltrack fit the bill perfectly and we were able to get it in Pure White with a manual transmission. I got right to work by adding Lamin-x film in yellow to the fog lamps and doing a thorough decontamination wash and then sealed it with Opti-Coat Hyper Seal. I also cleaned and coated all of the exterior glass with Opti-Glass Pro, providing two years of chemical and water resistance. Soon, the car will have a Lamin-x clear bra, door cup film, headlamp film, and Opti-Coat Pro+.

Big thanks to Drew, Rich, and Dylan at Young Volkswagen for the help making this deal possible. Even if I hadn't worked there in the past, I would continue to purchase cars from them.