Volkswagen GLI

Dan has been a good friend of mine for many years and when I was a Volkswagen salesman, I sold him this GLI (2014). The time came for him to want a refresh and on the outside, it was desperately needed. Dan had won a free Wash & Wax from me and paid to upgrade it to a Full Detail. Optimum Car Wax will keep it protected from UV rays for about five months. Thanks Dan!

Also, if you are interested in the iK Foam Pump Sprayer that I used on Dan's car (filled with Optimum Power Clean 3:1 with water), you can buy it here:

Volkswagen Alltrack - Coating

The time finally came for me to coat my own Alltrack with Opti-Coat Pro+! I waited way too long to do this but thankfully, due to proper maintenance and using Optimum No Rinse and Opti-Coat Hyper Seal, there were not many defects to correct at all! Optimum Primer Polish made quick work and before I knew it, the car looked the best that it has ever looked in the seven months I have had it! This is the newest formula of Pro+ and it is still a lifetime coating with a seven year warranty, backed by Optimum Polymer Technologies.

Volkswagen Rabbit

Alex is no stranger around here so when he picked up a "new" car to beat around in, he made sure it came to me first to "remove the previous owner" from the car. Just because a car may be cheap and a "beater", doesn't mean it has to look like a trash dumpster. The inside was pretty bad, making me remove the front seats in order to remove all of the food/crumbs/hair/everything. Some stains had been there long enough to actually cause damage to the fibers and Alex was trying to keep the cost down, therefore I didn't go too much further. Once Optimum Carpet and Fabric Clean and Protect had done it's work, I made sure to clean all the hard surfaces with Optimum No Rinse and finished them with Optimum Protectant Plus. I also ran my deodorizer over night to neutralize any smells.

The exterior had quite a few swirls, dents, and scratches so I did the best I could to make sure those defects didn't stand out. All in all, the Basic Detail package is a great way to refresh a car before selling it or shortly after acquiring. Thanks Alex!