Mk7 Volkswagen Alltrack / Sportwagen Rear Fog Retrofit

Do you have a Mk7 Golf Sportwagen or Alltrack? Have you ever wanted to increase your visibility to those behind you during inclement weather with low visibility? This is your solution! No need to cut or re-pin the wires of your factory harness with this adapter harness made with OEM Volkswagen connectors and pin terminals. Just select the appropriate options for your vehicle and your harness will be made!

Note: you are still responsible for the rest of the modifications to your vehicle needed to make the rear fogs fully functional, including the bulbs. For more information on how to do this, please visit Christof's post on his blog by clicking HERE.

To order a harness for your vehicle, visit the item in the Swag Store.

Mk7 Volkswagen Alltrack / Sportwagen Hatch Light

Do you have a Mk7 Golf Sportwagen or Alltrack? Have you ever wanted to have the hatch open but have the hatch light off? This is your solution! Adding an OEM Volkswagen switchable light in the hatch will allow you to have the hatch open when camping or at the drive-in movies. This retrofit includes an OEM harness that plugs into the factory body harness and adapts the factory 2-pin connector into the new 3-pin housing. Available in three colors so please be sure to verify before placing your order. All retrofits are made to order so additional wait time may occur.

Note: two small cuts need to made to the headliner in order for this assembly to fit into the hole. These cuts will not effect returning the factory assembly into the headliner.

To purchase one, visit the product in the Swag Store.