Volkswagen Alltrack - Coating

The time finally came for me to coat my own Alltrack with Opti-Coat Pro+! I waited way too long to do this but thankfully, due to proper maintenance and using Optimum No Rinse and Opti-Coat Hyper Seal, there were not many defects to correct at all! Optimum Primer Polish made quick work and before I knew it, the car looked the best that it has ever looked in the seven months I have had it! This is the newest formula of Pro+ and it is still a lifetime coating with a seven year warranty, backed by Optimum Polymer Technologies.

Volkswagen Alltrack

Jeff approached me not long ago about wanting to add rear fogs to his Alltrack and since I had already done this to my Alltrack, this was an easy task. He also wanted to add the European halogen tail lamps to his car, which adds an amber turn signal to the car instead of a red one. The entire kit also included a light switch to allow for the rear fog, coding, and LED reverse and fog bulbs. Thanks Jeff, enjoy!

If you are interested in the bulbs and harness used: Rear fog | Reverse | Rear fog harness

Mk7 Volkswagen Alltrack / Sportwagen Rear Fog Retrofit

Do you have a Mk7 Golf Sportwagen or Alltrack? Have you ever wanted to increase your visibility to those behind you during inclement weather with low visibility? This is your solution! No need to cut or re-pin the wires of your factory harness with this adapter harness made with OEM Volkswagen connectors and pin terminals. Just select the appropriate options for your vehicle and your harness will be made!

Note: you are still responsible for the rest of the modifications to your vehicle needed to make the rear fogs fully functional, including the bulbs. For more information on how to do this, please visit Christof's post on his blog by clicking HERE.

To order a harness for your vehicle, visit the item in the Swag Store.