Volkswagen Golf R

Sam is a great friend and you may remember that I coated his Golf R back in August. Well, life gets hectic and he wasn’t able to bring it back for the first wash at the 3-4 week mark but that is ok…that is what the coating is there for! A nice Power Clean and Optimum No Rinse bath is all that was needed to bring it right back to what it was when it left here the first time. Thanks Sam; always a good time hanging out and making sure your car is clean.

Volkswagen Golf R32

The #awdtaxi was way overdue for a washing since going to Pocono Raceway one month ago and so I treated it the same way I treat all of my clients’ cars. I started with Optimum FerreX on the wheels, hatch, and exhaust, and then spray on Optimum Power Clean (3:1) with a foam cannon. Then washed with Optimum No Rinse and dried/sealed with Opti-Coat Hyper Seal. It is really that simple. It may not be the most perfect car, but it remains easy to clean and looks glossy.

Volkswagen Atlas

I was contacted by a local dealership to correct an issue created by their detail department and to complete the job that the customer had requested. Kristine parked under a Crabapple tree at work and stains had appeared that she wanted removed. I was able to remove the majority of them chemically and physically and then I also corrected the hologram swirls that had been created by the previous detailer. I also spent a good chunk of time removing polish/wax deposits that were in door jambs and rubber trim.

Kristine said that the car looked better than the day she first bought it and her smile is all I needed to see when she picked it up. Thank you so much!