BMW ///M 235i

Chip brought his 235i back for it's first wash after being coated a month ago. It is important that after coating, the vehicle does not get washed for 7-14 days in order to allow the coating to fully cure and harden. I usually have my clients come back at the 3 week mark for their first wash which is included in the price of the coating. Also, this is the time when the included Opti-Coat wash kit gets picked up! Be sure to watch the video of the 235i before and after Opti-Coat Pro…it’s not magic, it’s science!

Mazda6 - Coating

I cannot begin to say how happy return clients really make me. To me, it means that they love my work enough the first time to come back for more and that is the case with Wayne and his new Mazda6. Wayne new that he wanted his new investment to be protected from the elements with Opti-Coat Pro…so that’s what he got! Sadly the weather kept the car inside and I couldn’t get any other great photos and thankfully the car was only a few hundred miles old so there weren’t any stunning before and after photos. Just a new car that looks better than new and has a lifetime ceramic coating with a five year warranty. Thanks Wayne!