Volkswagen Golf R

Sam is a great friend and you may remember that I coated his Golf R back in August. Well, life gets hectic and he wasn’t able to bring it back for the first wash at the 3-4 week mark but that is ok…that is what the coating is there for! A nice Power Clean and Optimum No Rinse bath is all that was needed to bring it right back to what it was when it left here the first time. Thanks Sam; always a good time hanging out and making sure your car is clean.

Volkswagen Golf R - Coating

Sam is a good friend that played a really big part in bringing my Alltrack Lift Kit to reality with his access to 3D printing. He knew where to bring his Golf R when it was time to coat it and he went with Opti-Coat’s newest entry level pro coating Paint Guard. It is a coating that lasts for about 3 years and comes with a 3 year warranty. For those that are familiar with Gloss Coat, it is an improved version of that with a warranty for authorized installers only.

His car was in very good condition so it only needed a single step polish before the coating was applied. I also made sure the coating was applied to his exhaust tips once they were polished and clean to make them easier to clean in the future. Damn direct injection!

Thanks again Sam for everything you have helped me with and for bringing the car to me!