Jeep Grand Cherokee - Coating

I will always say that the best way to preserve the glory of your vehicle is to have it protected from day one. That's what happened with this new Jeep Grand Cherokee and even though there was a scratch on the rear hatch, the entire car was pretty clean. A quick polish was all it needed before wrapping the front with a Lamin-x clear bra on the hood, bumper, mirror caps, and fender tips. All the lighting was also protected with Lamin-x film. To finish it all off, Opti-Coat Pro+ was applied to the entire vehicle for seven years of chemical and UV resistance! The Jeep definitely looked even better than new and I am looking forward to seeing it in the future.

Infiniti G35

Some people do prefer a darker look to their lighting and there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Do not use spray tint. Not only can it not be easily removed but it never looks right and provides no actual impact protection. I removed the spray tint on this Infiniti G35 sedan and one of the headlamps was in need of a restoration. After a quick restoration, I then polished both headlamps and added gunsmoked Lamin-x protective film for a great look and long lasting protection!

Volkswagen Golf R32 - Coating

The time has finally come to coat the #awdtaxi! I did a thorough compound and polish again, this time using Optimum's Hyper Compound and Polish before prepping for Pro+. All went really well. I even made sure the wheels and brake calipers were cleaned, prepped, and coated. I also re-applied Opti-Glass coating for better protection and applied it to the front windshield for the first time. The depth and shine that I can see in the Candy White is astounding. Definitely a new beast!