GMC Canyon - Coating

Anthony brought me his new GMC Canyon because, once again, it isn't a show car and he drives the hell out of his vehicles so he wants great UV and chemical protection. The condition of the paint was very good and only needed a light polish but what a great color. Finished with Opti-Coat Pro for a lifetime of protection and a five year warranty. Thanks again Anthony!

BMW 330i - Coating

I won't lie; not every job is a night and day difference and not every job is hard. That doesn't mean there isn't a job that isn't important. This brings me to a very new, low mileage, 330i. This car is not daily driven but the owner wanted to make sure that when he does take it out, that he won't have to worry about UV or chemical damage and of course, wanted extreme gloss. That is why he went with Opti-Coat Pro, a lifetime coating with a 5 year warranty!

Toyota Rav4 - Coating

Most people think that ceramic coatings are only good for show cars or exotics. That is not true at all. Most show cars and exotics are not daily driven and rarely exposed to the elements that the coatings are meant to protect from. Cue the Rav4! Toyota is known for having very soft paint and one benefit to Opti-Coat Pro is adding some hardness to the clear coat once it has cross-linked. Like any vehicle with plastic trim, I still coat the trim to help protect it from fading in the sun, even though the paint coatings aren't necessarily formulated for bare plastic. This really cool color will look great for a very long time since it is a lifetime coating with a 5 year warranty.