Toyota Highlander

Susan liked what I did with her husband’s 4Runner so much that she brought her Highlander over for a Wash & Wax! This is the epitome of owning a small business and what should happen. Word of mouth (even though in this case it was the same household) and supporting a local business.

I like to soak every vehicle with Optimum Power Clean (3:1) in a foam cannon to help break down debris that has bonded to the surface. I also spray on Optimum FerreX to break down ferrous materials, specifically on the wheels and near the wheel wells. Then I wash with Optimum No Rinse and use an Optimum Clay Towel to remove the last bits of contaminants from the surface. Finished the entire car off with Optimum Car Wax, which has UV blockers in it to help protect from nature being etched on!

Thank you Karl and Susan!

Toyota 4Runner

Karl brought his 4Runner in for a Wash & Wax, which is an awesome package to quickly decontaminate your vehicle and to bring back some gloss. Simply, a wash with Optimum Power Clean, Optimum FerreX, and Optimum No Rinse chemically remove the dirt and light debris from the paint before the claying process. I use an Optimum Clay Towel to physically remove the debris that has bonded to the surface and then finish the car off with Optimum Car Wax.

Thanks again Karl!

Toyota Rav4 - Coating

Most people think that ceramic coatings are only good for show cars or exotics. That is not true at all. Most show cars and exotics are not daily driven and rarely exposed to the elements that the coatings are meant to protect from. Cue the Rav4! Toyota is known for having very soft paint and one benefit to Opti-Coat Pro is adding some hardness to the clear coat once it has cross-linked. Like any vehicle with plastic trim, I still coat the trim to help protect it from fading in the sun, even though the paint coatings aren't necessarily formulated for bare plastic. This really cool color will look great for a very long time since it is a lifetime coating with a 5 year warranty.