Volkswagen Tiguan - Coating

Jeremy had his 911 coated with Gloss Coat by me, so he is no stranger to Opti-Coat and the benefits of protecting your investment. This meant when his wife got a new car, having it coated with Opti-Coat Pro, Opti-Guard Leather and Fabric, and Opti-Glass Pro was high on the priority list!

The car had been detailed by the dealership and there were many swirls to remove in order to make it look better than new. Thankfully, Optimum's polishes made quick work of this and soon it was ready to be coated. The interior was already pretty clean so not much was needed in order to prepare the leather and cloth for coating. This isn't a topic discussed much but Opti-Coat's fabric and leather coatings are a great way to protect from spills and UV rays, each backed with a 5 year warranty.

Finished up with Opti-Glass Pro, giving resistance to rain, snow, and ice since the vehicle is kept outside all the time! All in all, making sure you protect your investment from as soon as you get it is the best way to save on costly corrections and repairs in the future. Thanks Jeremy and Tiff!

Tesla Model S 75D - Coating

My brother and sister-in-law recently picked up a new Tesla Model S 75D and of course they wanted to be sure their investment was properly protected for years to come. This meant two things: Opti-Coat Pro+ and Opti-Glass Pro. Opti-Coat Pro+ is a lifetime coating that comes with a 7 year manufacturer warranty and will protect from harmful chemicals and UV rays. Opti-Glass Pro is a ceramic glass coating that lasts about 2 years and provides some serious chemical and water resistance, which is good considering the entire roof on this car is glass.

Thankfully, this paint wasn't as soft as I had heard it might be and it polished out very well prior to coating. It was well worth the five hour drive to their house to get this done and I look forward to seeing it again and again! Thanks Nik and Michelle!

Volkswagen Golf R32

Elivia brought her R32 back in for its first wash and headlamp bulb replacement. When I told her not to wash the car for a month, she successfully did that and made sure it was filthy! That's why she got the coating though, to ensure that cleaning it would be easy! She also had a low beam Xenon bulb that was dying last I saw the car and had since burned out. I ordered her brand new Phillips brand bulbs, which are an OEM supplier at a fraction of the cost, and new lock rings for the bulbs. After installation, I cleared the faults relating to the bulb and aimed the bulbs properly. Now she doesn't have a dirty car or have to worry about getting pulled least for the bulb! Thanks Elivia, enjoy!