Volkswagen Golf R32

Elivia brought her R32 back in for its first wash and headlamp bulb replacement. When I told her not to wash the car for a month, she successfully did that and made sure it was filthy! That's why she got the coating though, to ensure that cleaning it would be easy! She also had a low beam Xenon bulb that was dying last I saw the car and had since burned out. I ordered her brand new Phillips brand bulbs, which are an OEM supplier at a fraction of the cost, and new lock rings for the bulbs. After installation, I cleared the faults relating to the bulb and aimed the bulbs properly. Now she doesn't have a dirty car or have to worry about getting pulled least for the bulb! Thanks Elivia, enjoy!

Track Day - Pocono Raceway

Had the awesome opportunity to attend a track night at Pocono Raceway and this time did the Full Infield. Much different feel and larger run than before but it was fun. I now have to decide what to do for brakes. Fluid I know what I am going to do but three times in one day I had heard that "there is no such thing as a warped rotor" and that pad material can build up and cause the rotor to vibrate under hot braking. I don't subscribe to this yet because it doesn't seem completely plausible to me but I know that when hot, these two year old Adams Rotors and EBC Redstuff pads vibrate and I usually am an all or nothing kind of guy when it comes to tires and brakes. Welcoming any input on this.

I have one quick video from two laps on session 3/4 and I was using Harry's Lap Timer that day and my best lap time was 2:03.75 in the Novice Group (someone in the Advance Group had 1:58 so that made me feel pretty good).

A few laps from session three of Track Night in America at Pocono Raceway. Full infield track in our 2008 Volkswagen Golf R32.

Volkswagen Golf R32 - Coating

Elivia brought her 2008 Volkswagen Golf R32 but for a light correction, headlamp restoration, and coating with Optimum Gloss Coat. This car was in good condition for being nine years old but only having 60,000 miles helps. The faded headlamps are an eye sore and makes it hard to see at night so after a restoration, it was important to coat the lens to ensure they won't fade again. All the exterior glass was coated with Opti-Glass Pro to help with water and chemical resistance for about 2 years, similar to Optimum Gloss Coat on the paint.

All in all, this car looked as close to new! Thanks Elivia!