Track Day - Pocono Raceway

Had the awesome opportunity to attend a track night at Pocono Raceway and this time did the Full Infield. Much different feel and larger run than before but it was fun. I now have to decide what to do for brakes. Fluid I know what I am going to do but three times in one day I had heard that "there is no such thing as a warped rotor" and that pad material can build up and cause the rotor to vibrate under hot braking. I don't subscribe to this yet because it doesn't seem completely plausible to me but I know that when hot, these two year old Adams Rotors and EBC Redstuff pads vibrate and I usually am an all or nothing kind of guy when it comes to tires and brakes. Welcoming any input on this.

I have one quick video from two laps on session 3/4 and I was using Harry's Lap Timer that day and my best lap time was 2:03.75 in the Novice Group (someone in the Advance Group had 1:58 so that made me feel pretty good).

A few laps from session three of Track Night in America at Pocono Raceway. Full infield track in our 2008 Volkswagen Golf R32.