Volkswagen Golf R

Alex had me bring his Golf R back in for a clean up and this is an important post, not meant to embarrass Alex. CERAMIC COATINGS ARE NOT BULLETPROOF. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Alex had a mark from he thinks was a leaf on his hood and after washing decided to clay bar the area. For me, not knowing the condition of the clay, it is hard to say what happened. But the end result was scratching. Luckily, it was the coating that took the brunt of the damage and not his paint.

I was able to polish out the damage and re-coat the area and all is well with the universe again. I will say that if he had consulted with me prior to the clay, I would have told him to wash the vehicle, use Power Clean on that area, and once all washed and dry, not touch it for a week. The sunlight would have acted as an exfoliant with the coating to shed the contaminants. Sounds like magic...and it really does work.

Live and learn! Thanks Alex, enjoy!

Exhaust - Coating

Alex has brought me his Golf R many times and when it came time to buy a new exhaust for it, it was a no brainer that he wanted the best protection for the tips. Many new cars today have direct fuel injection and while this is great for performance, it causes a mess on the intake valves and the exhaust tips. Having a lifetime permanent metal coating on these AWE Tuning tips will help them look like new for a very long time and will make them much easier to clean. Also, in case you are wondering, the metal coating is good up to 1,000º F!