Subaru Impreza

Miranda brought me her Subaru Impreza with the plans of a having a wash and wax, stereo and speaker upgrade, and fog lamp replacement. I started with the stereo and speaker upgrade and replaced the factory stereo with a Pioneer stereo and the factory speakers with Pioneer speakers. The quality bump was simply amazing and the music can finally be heard with the windows down.

Then on to the fog lights. The previous owner of the car had installed aftermarket sealed beams for fog lamps with custom brackets and aftermarket power harness. The one bulb had burned out and once I removed the bumper and saw the custom brackets, I knew that removing the aftermarket parts was the way to go. I managed to pick up used OEM parts and it was refreshing to have the factory fit and finish and function.

Miranda is family and one thing I know about her is that she never washes her cars. She bought the car two years ago and it has never been washed. I also am a horrible Christmas gift shopper so I took this time to upgrade her Wash and Wax to include a quick polish. It definitely brought the metallic grey back to life! Of course, I finished it off with Optimum Car Wax and Opti-Seal for five months of protection.