Nissan 240 SX - Coating

Well well well. What can I say about this car that hasn't already been said? Good friend Kevin has had the 240 beast here before and this time it was to coat it! When the car isn't hibernating in the Winter, it lives on the street and Kevin has a problem with leaves landing on the car and staining the white paint. Opti-Coat Pro not only provides 9H hardness to your factory clear coat, but it does provided resistance to the very problem that Kevin has been having! The coating won't allow the leaves to bond and though it may still leave behind some color, the UV inhibitors won't allow them to bond and etch when exposed to harmful UV rays.

All that, and it makes it look phenomenal and very hydrophobic! While it was here, I went a little beyond what I told Kevin I would do and made sure his new CTS-V brake calipers were prepped and coated to help keep brake dust from building up and bonding to them. This is a lifetime coating and for cars that are 5 years old or newer, it comes with a 5 year warranty on factory defects. Thanks speeding tickets please.

Nissan Skyline GT-R - Coating

Gage brought in his R32 Skyline GT-R for paint correction and Opti-Coat Pro+, which is now the most interesting car that has been brought to me. For those that do not know, these cars never came to the US and haven't been able to be imported until recently. These are right hand drive, all-wheel drive, and have a twin turbo six cylinder. Pretty damn cool. The car had been repainted a while ago and whoever painted it did a very good job. There are some indentations in the paint that could not be removed but the paint was easily brought back to life before coating. Now, OPT will not warranty the coating because of the age of the paint but I will be honoring the 7 years that would normally be honored. Seven years of UV, chemical, and water resistance to keep this rare piece of history looking great!