Volkswagen Rabbit

Alex is no stranger around here so when he picked up a "new" car to beat around in, he made sure it came to me first to "remove the previous owner" from the car. Just because a car may be cheap and a "beater", doesn't mean it has to look like a trash dumpster. The inside was pretty bad, making me remove the front seats in order to remove all of the food/crumbs/hair/everything. Some stains had been there long enough to actually cause damage to the fibers and Alex was trying to keep the cost down, therefore I didn't go too much further. Once Optimum Carpet and Fabric Clean and Protect had done it's work, I made sure to clean all the hard surfaces with Optimum No Rinse and finished them with Optimum Protectant Plus. I also ran my deodorizer over night to neutralize any smells.

The exterior had quite a few swirls, dents, and scratches so I did the best I could to make sure those defects didn't stand out. All in all, the Basic Detail package is a great way to refresh a car before selling it or shortly after acquiring. Thanks Alex!

Toyota 4Runner

Have you ever spilled a milkshake in your car at 10:30 at night? If you have, have you then let it stay in your car for three days after the spill? Sure you have...we all have. I got a call from my good friends who this did actually happen to and they swung over to have it cleaned up. Nothing that Optimum Power Clean and Optimum Carpet and Fabric Clean & Protect can't handle. I made sure to extract all of the bonded milkshake out of the mat and carpet for an almost new look that will also help with cleaning with the next mess that may arrive.