Toyota 4Runner

Have you ever spilled a milkshake in your car at 10:30 at night? If you have, have you then let it stay in your car for three days after the spill? Sure you have...we all have. I got a call from my good friends who this did actually happen to and they swung over to have it cleaned up. Nothing that Optimum Power Clean and Optimum Carpet and Fabric Clean & Protect can't handle. I made sure to extract all of the bonded milkshake out of the mat and carpet for an almost new look that will also help with cleaning with the next mess that may arrive.

Toyota Tundra SR5

Bill contacted me about his 2013 Tundra and an unfortunate thing that had happened to it. He believes that half of his truck had been hit with paint balls. There were marks that wouldn't just wash off with water. He had taken the truck to his dealer who informed him that half the truck would have to be repainted. He brought the truck over so that I could do some test spots and I showed him the residue was coming off. We did see some defects in the clear coat from the material sitting on the paint for too long. Bill agreed to a full detail on the truck to remove the residue and to correct swirls and scratches.

This color is awesome! The more I looked at it, the more I loved it. I was able to make the clear coat defects better, but sadly not remove them completely. The rest of the truck, which Bill uses for work everyday, was brought back to life and looked great when it was all done. The entire truck was sealed with Optimum Spray Wax, giving 5 months of UV protection.