Volkswagen Golf R32 Maintenance

My wife's Mk5 Volkswagen R32 is probably the car that I care the most about. We have had it for a little over five years and have put over 83,000 miles on it. We have enjoyed every second and every mile in this car and it has been through hell and back. We do not intend on parting with this 1 of 1,110 car any time soon (yes, I know they brought 5,000 R32s to the states, but only 1,110 of them were in Candy White).

This weekend was one filled with hard work that removed a lot of fluids from my body but, at least I did get a chance to wash and seal the ‪#‎awdtaxi‬, along with changing the oil and rotating the tires.

Maintenance for the outside of your car is just as important as the inside. Go ahead and call a dealership someday and find out what a brand new engine would cost for your car. Then call a body shop and ask them how much it would be to repaint your entire car. I bet I know which one would cost more (some exceptions). So why not protect and take care of your car's paint?! When you're ready, give me a call. I'll take care of you and your car.