Volkswagen GLI

Dan has been a good friend of mine for many years and when I was a Volkswagen salesman, I sold him this GLI (2014). The time came for him to want a refresh and on the outside, it was desperately needed. Dan had won a free Wash & Wax from me and paid to upgrade it to a Full Detail. Optimum Car Wax will keep it protected from UV rays for about five months. Thanks Dan!

Also, if you are interested in the iK Foam Pump Sprayer that I used on Dan's car (filled with Optimum Power Clean 3:1 with water), you can buy it here:

Volkswagen Jetta GLI

Great friend and fellow Army veteran, Ryan, dropped his Mk5 Volkswagen Jetta GLI off for a full exterior detail. Ryan is very detail oriented and takes great care of his Campanella White GLI but the paint still needed some love. A thorough wash, clay bar, compound, and polish brought the nine year old paint back to life. I then waxed it with a hydrophobic wax and sealed it with Opti-Seal. I also took the time to clean and polish the exhaust tips; one common problem with many newer engines with direct injection is carbon build up inside the engine and on the exhaust tips. Once cleaned, I waxed and sealed the tips for an added layer of protection and added ease of cleaning in the future.